Season 1, 1.19

A season-based (there will be at least 1 map reset a year), whitelisted, and 18+ Minecraft server. We are semi-vanilla with quality of life data packs and plugins.We are looking for more 18+ members to join our server to relax and have fun. Our community consists of students, working professionals, family, and friends. We are casual and friendly.
Looking for players interested in server events in Minecraft, in Discord & playing other games together, and fostering a community.

Staff team

Minecraft Username: RainbowTea
A bit about me
Hi! Call me Tea!
28, They/Them
Lazy Potato. Still in school. Ironically a Communications Major.
Arts & Crafts hobbyist.
I like to build small farms and bases.

Minecraft Username: Squiggleboo
A bit about me
Hello! I'm Tori :)
21, She/They
I'm in school and a Biology Major.
I do digital art as a side-job right now!
I love minecraft and I love building big bases and some redstone farms.

Event Committee
Minecraft Username: oronirscholar
A bit about me
Hey, call me adrian! 24, he/they. wannabe writer and local final fantasy xiv shill. i enjoy long mining sessions and watching hermitcraft videos.

Event Committee
Minecraft Username: callontheraven
A bit about me
Hiya I'm Raven! 25, They/He. I'm a small business owner and artist. I am famous for the most deaths on the server 😄 I build a lot of big projects, hence the deaths, so if you need help with a build let me know!

Event Committee
Minecraft Username: FragMX
A bit about me
Hello there! I'm Frag, 31 He/Him. I work in software for a living and make dice as a hobby, but hoping to be able to switch those around some day. My home on this server has been a rock which I've named "Dwayne Johnson", and at this point, I'm too afraid to change that. Hit me up any time, I'm always happy to help or chat!


June 25th, 2022Hi everyone, we are now on 1.19!
Thank you all for being so patient with me while we've been preparing for it all week!
If any issues occur on the server at all e.g a crash or something doesn't seem correct. Please open a ticket in discord or /report <message> command in-game ASAP. This directly pings staff in discord and we can help out much faster than if people asked for help in general chat. Don't forget to update your client-side mods before logging in if you use any like I do.Things you should know:
- Our 1.19 scavenger hunt as started! See #events-news to enter and the list of items.
- The #number next to your name is reset. You will have a new number.- A majority of the maps chunks are preloaded to help reduce exploration lag in the overworld. You can access these chunks by visiting our outposts, teleport buttons at spawn in the tower to the left by the docks at spawn- The end is reset. Please try not to hoard/take everything for yourself. The dynmap also reflects the reset correctly.- Not all 1.19 chunks were rendered on the map, I'll do this over time in the off hours at night or when only a few are online. All 1.18 chunks on the map are fully rendered.- We have proximity chat, see discord on how to use it!1.19.1
I'm not sure if we will update to 1.19.1, due to them adding chat reporting features in this update that is invasive, can be abused, and have no reason to be on private Minecraft servers.See this video for an explanation. That being said, do not use this report feature on our server,if any issues occur please speak to staff instead.We moderate our own server.
Land Claiming
- You can create your own dynmap makers by using a named banner placed. It'll appear on the map. Feel free to still request dynmap markers from staff.
-Some of you may have noticed we have red squares on the map. I've been testing it to outline claims. If you'd like an outline, please open a ticket or ask in the #locations channel in discord to request one. Provide coordinates of the 4 corners of your claim.

Server Info

We are now on 1.19!

Below you will find information such as IP, data packs, game version, server settings, and so on. World seed is not public.

Server IP:
Game Version: 1.19, JAVA.
Difficulty: Hard
Inventory drops upon death.
Plugins & Datapacks :Click Here
Semi-Vanilla & Paper
Server Theme: Lush Desert Oasis (for spawn builds)
Server Location: USA, Florida.
Map Border: 10k in all directions.


If your question is not answered here please ask in discord via help ticket.

1. Am I allowed to ----?If you are wondering if something is allowed please review the rules and relevant information pages first. If you cannot find the answer or want clarification please open a ticket in discord.
2. I can't connect to the server.Check this link here if the server is online. If the map works then the server is online. As always, turn off any shaders, resource packs, or mods, and restart your game and computer to rule out any issues. Lastly, open a ticket in discord for help if all of the above does not fix the issue.
3. Am I allowed to build -- farm on the server?Please open a ticket in discord to contact staff for specifics on farms.
4. How often are server restarts?12pm/3pm/6pm/12am/6am Pacific Standard Time.It takes about 60 seconds to restart. If it does not come back up after a few minutes, please send a ticket to staff for help.
How do I submit a suggestion?Please open a ticket in discord to discuss your suggestion with staff.
6. Am I allowed to stream on the server?Streaming is allowed. Just hide the game chat with a stream asset or hide it through game settings. If you are in VC on the server discord just give those in VC with you a heads up. This is to protect personal/private information in case anyone is talking about anything sensitive.
7. How do I contact staff?As always please use our discord ticket system to contact staff or ask them in-game. If you require privacy or an extensive conversation with staff please open a ticket.
8. Can I get my items back?Item refunds will be on a case-by-case basis. For example,If you die to normal gameplay or lose items in an attempt to dupe, items will not be refunded. Item loss from server crashes,bugs, glitches or griefing will be refunded. Open a ticket to contact staff for item refunds.
9. How often does the server's map reset?Update,as of May 30th,the server will not be resetting for 1.19. Border will be expanded. A full reset will follow in the winter of 2022 to end/start the year with a fresh map.We will be resetting the map once a year at the end of December or the start of January. This is subject to change at any time when appropriate. We are season based so there will always be an eventual map reset. Our map was created on April 9th,2022.
10. Does the end get reset?The end will get a SOFT RESET every once in a while to refresh loot but not impact the main island & its farms. No announcement of reset will be made to avoid 1 person from looting all fresh loot on reset. However, a hint will be given at a later time.
11.Can I appeal my ban?Visit this link then you can review the ban reasoning with a link to appeal the ban.
12. When do I get promoted to Member?After one week of being in the community and must be active. This is manually done by staff. So it may be a day late or earlier at their discretion.
13. Can I use mods?Yes! As long as you are not using them to cheat, grief, x-ray, dupe basically bad stuff. It's allowed. Examples: Optifine, Mini Map mods, Litematica,Replay Mod, and so on.

Whitelist Application

We are now on 1.19!

Our application process is done through discord. You must have a discord account. We use discord for a majority of communication, news, and so on. One application per person, do not apply as a group.
Please allow up to 24 hours for a response to your whitelist application.
If you do not know how to use discord visit these links below:
Discord Basics
Discord link broken? Let us know here.

To get started:
Make sure your discord DM's are open in your privacy settings. The bot will DM you.
Read our rules, please.
MC Rules
General Rules
Once you are ready go to #apply-here in discord then select the 'Whitelist Application' button.
If for whatever reason there is an issue, please wait 5 minutes and try again. Then ask for help in #waiting-room in discord . Please, do not DM staff, we check discord often.


If you need clarification on the rules please ask a staff member,We understand this list is detailed, this is to provide the best experience for everyone in our community. We hope you can understand.

General Guidelines

Terms of Service.Joining the server means you agree to follow the rules. Failure to follow them may result in a warning or ban.
Give what you want to receive in the community.This means, participating in events,talking to other members and being friendly.
Must be 18+We are an adult server, this means you must be 18 or older to join.
Don't be a dick.No harassment,bullying,drama or poor behavior.
No expectation of privacy.Everything on our Minecraft Server & Discord is logged somewhere or public. The in-game chat is accessible in discord. The staff has access to these logs and things are set in place to notify staff via discord and in-game.
No unsolicited messages or advertising.This includes DM's, any text in-game, or voice chat. Our discord bot will filter, delete or warn messages it finds inappropriate.
LGBTQ+ Friendly.We expect you to be respectful towards others. Be aware of pronouns or ask how to address the person.
Discussion Policy.Keep discussions to the correct channels. No posting or discussing porn, religion, NSFW, politics, arguments about sensitive topics or gore posts.
ActivityWe ask you to be active for at least 7 days before rank promotion from Newbie to Member. This is done manually by staff at their descretion.


If you need clarification on the rules please ask a staff member. We understand this list is detailed, this is to provide the best experience for everyone in our community. We hope you can understand.

Minecraft Rules

Season Based-ServerBy joining you understand that this is a season-based server. This means resets will happen once a year in the winter. December or January.
Resource collection at spawn is allowed.Feel free to collect sand,coral or other resources at spawn as long as the area is respected.
Spawn MarketSee this page for shops/market info
Land claiming required.See this page for more info for land claiming. Building anywhere else in any theme is allowed, spawn is the only place that has a specific build theme.
Mods are allowed.Mods on your game are allowed with exceptions. No cheating, hacks, or exploits period. Optifine, Mini maps, Litematica are allowed.
Gameplay must be fair.No cheating, griefing, x-ray, stealing, abuse, glitching, duping, or exploits of any kind. Do not "test" for glitches or dupes.You will be banned. However, TNT dupers are acceptable as players do not gain any TNT blocks through operating the machine.
Pranking & PvPMust be agreed upon beforehand.
LagNo lagging the server on purpose. This will result in a warning or ban.
Respecting public areas.Do not destroy, trash, or grief public areas or areas not claimed by you.
Item RefundsThey are on a case-by-case basis. Contact staff through a ticket on discord for help.
Spawn BuildingYou are welcome to build a small house, small shop, or small decorative builds at spawn as long as it fits the theme. Server Theme: Lush Desert Oasis.
Breaking Bedrock.Only the bedrock on the roof of the nether is allowed to be broken. This is for the nether hub purposes. Do not break bedrock anywhere else. If you need help from staff please open a ticket or use the /report command in-game.
Don't be annoying.Do not beg for items, or ask others to buy items from you. This includes if you have a shop or not.
Roads and Minecart tracksRoads, trams, and such are welcomed as long as they are short distances(600 blocks or less) or connecting player bases that are grouped up together/neighbors. For long distances please use the nether roof. This is so land claiming is easier for everyone without a long strip of tracks hidden underground.

Farms & AFking

AFK Farms & RedstoneFarms are allowed in all dimensions. Overworld, the end, the nether (and the roof). This can be done without asking for permission. If you need help getting on the nether roof ask staff through discord ticket.
Server SettingsBe aware our server runs on Paper,so it will alter the Redstone mechanics. (e.g prevents duping/lag.) However, we have set it to allow TNT duping as noted above.
Farms that cause lag.If your farm lags the server we will disconnect it (or you if you're AFK) and notify you. We understand accidents happen.
Chunk LoadersChunk loaders are not allowed. If you are going to AFK farm then you must be logged in and AFK at the location of your farm.

Land Claiming

Claim your area in discord before significant mining or builds. Press F3 in-game to see the coordinates.Land claiming on the spreadsheet and dynmap means its your location and serves as a reminder to others that area belongs to someone. There are no land claiming plugins.Staff will add dynmap markers and the x y z coords to the spreadsheet for you.

Please keep 300 blocks from all locations claimed at spawn to allow it to expand. Spawn currently is at these locations: Spawn @ -719/1835(the village & the desert biome) and -749/2202 (the badlands biome).
Refer to the image.

  • Check Dynmap before claiming an area.

  • Post your claim coords in discord (#locations). Staff will let you know if its safe to claim then mark the area with a named banner.

  • Use a NAMED banner to mark your claim or put your name on a sign on the door or area of your building.

  • A named banner will automatically mark your area on dynmap. You can request dynmap icons if you prefer that over a named banner.

  • (OPTIONAL) Use our block locking plugin. Click For More Information

  • Keep 200 blocks from other players unless otherwise granted permission or you are grouped/next to friends. We highly encourage you to work together!

  • Multiple claims are allowed and of any size.

  • You are welcome to build a small house, small shop (see market section for details), or small decorative builds at spawn as long as it fits the theme. Server Theme: Lush Desert Oasis.

Block Locking Plugin

Short Version
Put a sign on chest/door/block. The plugin will automatically do it. To do anything else, read below.
OR watch this clip for basics. Click Here
Long Version
Placing signs
For containers (chests, furnaces, dispensers, etc.) it's easy: just place a sign against the block. BlockLocker will automatically add [Private] to the first line and your name to the second.
You can also place a sign while sneaking, this allows you to add some text to the third and fourth lines. You then need to write[Private] yourself on the first line. You can leave the second line empty, your name will automatically be placed here.For doors, place a sign with [Private] on the first line against the block above the door. Placing a sign on the block below the door or even on the door itself works too, but looks less nice.Trapdoors can be protected by placing a sign with [Private] on the first line against the block the trapdoor is attached to.Editing signs
Right-click the sign and type /blocklocker <line number> <text> to replace the text on the given line. You can shorten this to /bl <line number> <text>.
Adding people to the sign
On the third and fourth row of the sign with [Private], you can add the names of up to two friends who may also access the chest. Want to add more people? Place a second sign against the chest. BlockLocker will add [More Users] to the first line and [Everyone] to the second line. If you want to change this, right-click the sign to edit it.
If the name of the person you're adding doesn't fit on the sign, just type as many characters as possible. If the person you're adding is currently online, BlockLocker will be able to complete the name.If no Minecraft account exists with the name, the tilde symbol is added before the name. However, the tilde symbol is not added for things that don't look like a username, so --text-- won't be changed to --text--. This should still give you plenty of options to decorate the sign, while it will still be obvious when the name is not a valid Minecraft name.TagsThe tag [Everyone] grants everyone accesses to protection. The tag [Redstone] grants hoppers access to the container and allows the Redstone signal to open doors.There's also a [Timer:X] tag, where X is a number from 0 to 9. Doors (trapdoors too) will close automatically after the specified amount of seconds. Use 0 to never close the door automatically. The timer tag overrides the default close timer setting the config.yml.

Player Market

Server Currency: DiamondsBelow are guidelines on how to conduct business in the market.
As of May 1st, 2022, must be active on the server for two weeks before making a shop.
All the diamonds made from plot sales will go to prizes for events or to those who help build spawn.
If you have any questions or get confused, please ask staff in discord via ticket or the #market channel

How Obtain a Shop

  • Plots are 9 diamonds.

  • Medium Stalls are 4 diamonds each. Do not modify the tent.

  • Small Stalls are 2 Diamonds

  • You may switch to a plot or stall at any time but payment must be made.

  • To open a shop, name the diamonds on an anvil, and place payment at the designated location. After that, you can claim a plot, rename the sign and start building.

Stalls are ideal for those who are a bit less active but still want a shop with a few items. Large plots are best for those who are active and can maintain a more extensive inventory.

Consumer Guidelines

  • Place the payment in the same chest and slot where the item was withdrawn from. Full amount must be paid to the shop.

  • Notify shop owners in discord if you empty their shop.

  • Prices are in diamonds unless otherwise stated at their shop.

Economy & Etiquette

Sell items appropriately.No, flipping, price wars, excessive undercutting, or extremely low prices for high-value items.
Use appropriate currency.Use diamond currency or item for item trade for payment.
Do not disrupt the economy.Disruption of the economy despite warnings will result in a temporary or permanent closure of your shop.
Pricing Items appropriately.The price of items or Free items must reflect the quality of the item. Example: Food can be free, end game items such as an elytra should be expensive.
Shop ThemesSimilar shop themes or same items sold is allowed. This means two shops can sell iron blocks or dirt.

Shop Ownership Guidelines

OwnershipLimit 1 shop, stall or tent per person at the spawn market.
Shop ThemeYour shop should stick to a theme in terms of items being sold. Example: Food shop, farmer shop that sells food, seeds, saplings, Redstone shop, etc. This is to avoid creating one giant general store that sells everything and anything.
Clear SignageAll shops must have clear and easy-to-understand signage both inside and outside the shop.
ConstructionBuild shops in the plots created by the staff. It is ok to go over the plot size as long as it does not disrupt other shops. If we are out of plots use the tents or ask for staff to create more plots.
AppearanceYour shop must be visually appealing, not disrupt other shops, and not excessive in height or size. No build style/theme is required for shops.
  • Examples on how to set up signs and pricing.

Shop Owners Activity Notice

ConstructionNew construction must be completed within 14 days of purchasing the plot or it will be considered abandoned. (As of May 1st 2022)
ActivityShops abandoned or unkempt will be issued 1 warning by staff and then cleared after 7 days. If shop owners require more than 2 weeks of inactivity, contact staff in discord to extend it to 30 days. If you become inactive for more than 30 days then the shop will be cleared for someone else to purchase the plot.

Black Market

Located under the fountain at the extended area of the market.

Only 4 Plots available
Rental Price - 2 Diamonds, named and placed in the payment chest at the main market entrance. Wait for staff to confirm with you before paying & claiming.
First come first served.
Sign up for the plot in discord under #💰black-market . Staff will set up a new sign-up sheet every week.
Rentals last 7 days. You can sign up to rent again every other week.

  • Add your name and date to the two signs available.

  • Each plot has 4 barrels. Only 4 different items can be sold. 1 different item per barrel,27 slots for each barrel.

  • For Example, Dirt, Elytra, Rockets & Wool, would be the 4 items you have in stock.

  • No restocking. Limited quantity only. Don't stock until you've gathered the amount you want to sell, max 27 slots.

  • Empty your stall on Sunday by 8:00 PM PDT. Staff may also assist you with this if you forget.

  • Must be on the server for at least 7 days before renting a stall at the black market.

Datapacks & Plugins

This list is extensive. Please do not hesitate to ask for help.
Note that any plugins,datapacks or features can be removed at any time if they malfunction or cause lag.


DiscordSRVPluginYesIn-game chat in discord
BlocklockerPluginYesLock chests & more with a sign. See this
GsitPluginYes/sit,/lay,/bellyflop,/spin,/crawl in-game.
DynmapPluginYesWeb browser of the servers map & in-game chat. See this
/afkPluginYesType /afk to be marked as afk in the tab player list.Does not announce in chat
Proximity Voice ChatPluginYesSkoice allows players on a Minecraft server to communicate with each other by voice (through discord) depending on their position in the game. They can talk to players nearby, but not with those far away.

DatapacksA majority of our datapacks will come from VanillaTweaks

Quality of Life

Armor Statues DatapackYesWatch this video, customizable armor stands.
Timber DatapackYesGolden Axe only, Video, also works on fungi/nether trees.
Multiplayer Sleep DatapackYes25% required for sleep.
Coords Hud DatapackYesDisplays coordinates on the screen. /trigger ch_toggle to turn it on/off.
Nether Portal Coords DatapackYes/trigger nc_inNether Video. Type in nether.
Nether Portal Coords DatapackYes/trigger nc_inOverworld Video. Type in overworld.
Player/Mob Head Drops DatapackYesA chance to drop player or mob head when killed.
Anti Ghast & Enderman Grief DatapackYesNo more annoyances.
Double Shulker Shells Drop DatapackYesThe chance of extra shells works with looting.
Custom Villager DatapackYesAt spawn by the market. Trades sand,gravel,dirt and other blocks.
ColorsDatapackYesType /trigger color to enable the color menu. This will only change the color of your name in the tab menu.


SpawnDatapackYes/trigger spawn, teleports you to spawn.
Teleport RequestDatapackYes/trigger tpa set # from tab player menu. # to the right of their name. Example /trigger tpa set 1 sends a request to Rainbowtea. See this.
Teleport Request Accept or DenyDatapackYes/trigger tpaccept or /trigger tpdeny. You can also select the on screen text to deny/accept.
HomeDatapackYes/trigger home to go home & /trigger sethome to set your home, teleport home any time.
NetherDatapackYes/trigger nether, teleports you to the nether hub.
EndDatapackYes/trigger end,teleports you to the end.

Crafting Tweaks

ElevatorsDatapackYesClick for video, teleport up or down using wool blocks.
Back to BlocksDatapackYesCraft full blocks from stairs or slabs. 2x2 Grid.
More BlocksDatapackYesMore trapdoors,bark,stairs,bricks when crafted.
GravelDatapackYes4 Flint, 2x2 grid. Crafts gravel.
Horse ArmorDatapackYesCraft horse armor in iron,gold and diamond. See this.
Coral BlocksDatapackYes4 Coral Stems same color, 2x2 grid. Bonemeal coral in warm oceans at spawn collect stems with silk touch.
UnpackablesDatapackYesUncraft ice,nether wart & wool in the crafting menu. Wool becomes string.

Nether Hub Information

If you have any questions or need help please ask staff.
(see below for images)

How To Use The Nether Hub

  • Set up your portal at your base.

  • /trigger spawn and go to the nether portal at spawn.

  • Once at the hub pick up the corresponding wool color for the cardinal directions (N, E, S, W) and white carpet to link the path to the colored wool. Set up your portal.

  • Breaking the bedrock is allowed ONLY on the nether roof. If you need help from staff to set up an elevator/breaking bedrock open a ticket.

  • A guide on nether portal linking

  • DO NOT MAKE A NETHER PORTAL PAST 800 + - X/Z in the nether you have a chance to die If you go through the portal to the overworld.

  • The nether is 6500 blocks x/z

Elevator Blocks:
We use a datapack that allows you to create elevators using wool and an ender pearl.
Drop an ender pearl above a wool block to make it into an elevator.
Jump on it to warp onto an elevator of the same color directly above. Crouch on it to warp onto the one directly below.
You must set up both elevator blocks before it will work. It must directly below, it will not work if its off by 1 block. There also does not need to be a hole directly to the elevator block, it can be covered.

Newbie Guide

A guide on how to get started on our server. As always if you need help please open a ticket under our help channel in discord or use the /report command in-game. Staff will answer your question soon as possible.

1. Log in our server! .You do not need to install or download anything to join our server except the Java Edition of the game.
Server IP:
2. Explore the spawn area. You can return at any time using /trigger spawn
3. Check out our dynmap before you run off in a random direction.
4. Once you find a location you like and want to build in. Type /trigger sethome This will allow you to use /trigger home later.
5. Check out the dynmap again incase someone else has claimed that spot. If not press F3 to find the x y z coords. Post them in discord under the #locations channel. A staff member will add an icon to the dynmap for you & coords to the spreadsheet. This will be your land claim, it serves as a reminder that the area is claimed and displayed on the map.
6. Have fun!

Commands You Can Use

Report Command
/report <reason>
Example: /report I need staff help.
/reportPlayer <reason>
Example: /reportPlayer Steve they stole my diamonds.
Feel free to use the /report for help from staff or use the ticket in discord. The report command directly notifies staff in discord too.

Teleporting To Players
/trigger tpa set #
the # is from the player list in-game. To the right of your/their name(press tab)
Example: /trigger tpa set 1 will send a teleport request to RainbowTea
/trigger tpaccept
accepts the request or select the teleport request message
/trigger tpdeny
to reject the request, or select the teleport request message

/trigger sethome
This sets your home location.
/trigger home
to go back home
/trigger spawn
sends you back to spawn
/trigger end
sends you to the end
/trigger nether
to the nether

Other Commands/trigger nc_inNether
type this command in the nether at your portal. it will give you coords on where to place/link your portal in the overworld
/trigger nc_inOverworld
The same as above, but used in the overworld.
/trigger ch_toggle
this will give you a display of coords and cardinal directions. Type it again to turn it off.